wedding photographers

Washington D.C. Wedding Photographers

That's me (Tom) on the left and Ash on the right in front of our basement/band room/man cave’s questionable wood paneling. 

We're wedding photographers. 

I've been shooting weddings in the DC area for 14 years,  and I still get a huge thrill every time I head out the door for a shoot. I always feel it's an incredible honor that someone would trust me with something so important and I feel a tremendous amount of joy and satisfaction when I'm doing my job. The sore feet are totally worth it. 

Ash has been shooting weddings in DC for about 10 years and still tears up during ceremonies. That heart is reflected in the real joy and playfulness of her images, as well as her unparalleled eye for detail.  Ash also happens to be a fantastic mother to our baby boy, who may be the most photographed person in the world.

Alone, together or in various combinations with our super talented staff of second shooters, we've photographed weddings all over DC, Maryland and Virginia, as well as Ireland, Anguilla, the Dominican Republic, New York, Pennsylvania, Texas and, quite memorably, Milwaukee. 

We've been published in lots of magazines (including the cover of Washingtonian Bride and Groom), done lots of charity work and have received lots of accolades, but the most important thing about us is we love to shoot weddings, and we'd love to shoot yours.