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Generally we wouldn’t bother to remark on a camera upgrade. It’s something we do every couple of years anyway, and it’s not really a big deal, they’re incremental upgrades.


Those upgrades were like buying a new Camry every few years. Solid all-around vehicle, gets the groceries home, you can maneuver around trucks, looks pretty slick in the driveway. We did not buy a new Camry, we went out and got a Lamborghini.

In a nutshell, we upgraded from full frame digital to medium format digital. The sensor is about 3 times as large as a 35mm frame (full frame), so you get bonus resolution, but more importantly, improved dynamic range, ISO, color and the medium format “look”.

Here’s a gallery for you. :)

Wedding Jiu Jitsu


No one really wants to think about problems or possible difficulties on their wedding day (SORRY TO BRING IT UP, KNOCK ON WOOD ;) ), but your photographer definitely should. By the time you narrow down your decision you’ve seen a a few galleries hand picked by the photographer…ask to see the last one they shot, and maybe one where they overcame some obstacle. It’s easy to showcase weddings where the surroundings, decor and weather is beautiful, look for someone who is comfortable creating something beautiful and memorable in adverse conditions.


Hay Adams Hotel Wedding

I’ve probably photographed twenty weddings at the Hay Adams Hotel over the years, going back to when the elevator didn’t go up to the roof. I’ve always enjoyed shooting there - the staff has been consistently helpful and professional, the building is amazing, and the location is perfect. The White House’s proximity makes things interesting as well. (I have a story about that.)

Yordi and Mike were married there recently, and as usual, I had an awesome day.